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Emerging from crises
Creative Resilience


with Doc. Marcella Chiesi - Studio DUO 

About it

"Exiting crises with Creative Resilience" is the new online course organised by Newcert in collaboration with expert Dr. Marcella Chiesi, founder of Studio D.U.O. - Women and Men in Organisation.

The course is available online to allow maximum flexibility and professionalism, thanks to the collaboration with qualified and trained lecturers. You can follow our courses from home or the office, simply by logging on from your PC. This will save you time, effort and stress.

E-mail us to receive all the details about the course!


The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, salespeople, freelancers and all those who have decided not to let the collective trauma of recent years get them down and who want to help themselves, their team and their business develop their Creative Resilience.


The aim of the course is to learn, for oneself and one's team, how to activate the nine skills of Creative Resilience. After taking a self-assessment test, each participant will be able to draw up a personalised and operational action plan.


Be/become your own best allies. Making our three brains work together and training in Creative Resilience. The moves to understand, activate resources, adjust responses, get out of the box to renew your business. Measure your own degree of resilience and train the twelve skills to increase it.


The course will be held over three days divided into the following lessons:

  • Measure one's degree of resilience and train skills to cope with the economic/social trauma we are experiencing with courage;

  • Becoming better allies of oneself;

  • Moves to understand, activate resources, adjust responses.


Dates: to be defined.

​Luogo: piattaforma digitale Zoom.


€ 150,00 + VAT (22%)

Enrolment modalities

Fill in the form and send it to

Upon receipt of payment, access credentials to the platform on which the course is delivered will be sent.

At the end of the course each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

The course will be activated with a minimum number of 6 participants.

If the course is not activated, the amount will be refunded in full.

Payment methods

Payment must be made by bank transfer to the following IBAN IT19N0306905088100000004220

BENEFICIARY: Newcert S.r.l.

REASON FOR PAYMENT: Enrolment for the course "Compliance Managment".

Or PayPal by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below.

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Doc. Marcella Chiesi

Business Partner of Italian and foreign Accredited Certification Bodies.

Newcert is a partner of important training organisations to support organisations and individuals in the continuous improvement of professional competencies and skills.

Labor sociologisted expert in management and development of human resources, has a long experience in the field of advice And training For private companies And unions.

Founder of Studio DUO - Women and Men in Organizations.

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