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Soft Skills Area

They belong to the section Soft Skills the courses in which the individual skills equally necessary to corporate business and your workplace.
Our training courses are aimed at professionals and anyone who wants to acquire new knowledge in order to react and be able to better manage personal and/or work difficulties.

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Our courses


The Certification of Gender Equality: the essential junctions

Discover the Certification of Gender Equality recently introduced by the Reference Practice into UNI/PdR 125:2022 in order to develop and monitor a Gender Equality Management System within the Organizations.

To be defined


Design a Management System compliant with UNI/PdR 125/2022

Develops the technical and methodological knowledge necessary for the implementation of a Management System for Gender Equality.

To be defined

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Reconciling work-life with an effective and winning strategy

Find out how to help yourself and/or the people on your team to find more advanced work/life balances that are better suited to face the big changes taking place.

To be defined


Getting out of the crisis with Creative Resilience

Find out how to become your own best ally. Renew your business through Creative Resilience!

To be defined


Audit techniques on UNI/PdR 125/2022

Check out the techniques needed to plan, conduct and document an Internal Audit able to evaluate the effective and efficient application of a Management System on Gender Equality.

To be defined


The phenomenon of violence in the workplace 

Develop a mix of strategies and tools capable of limiting the risk of harassment in the workplace and ensure a peaceful working environment.

To be defined

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Smart Working as a model of widespread entrepreneurship

Find out how to build an individual agreement model for people in Smart Working pursuant to law 81/2017.

To be defined

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