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Gender Equality Certification:
the Essential junctures


About it

"Gender Equality Certification: the essential junctures" is the online course organised by Newcert S.r.l.

The course is available online for maximum flexibility and professionalism. You can follow our courses from home or the office, simply by logging on from your PC. This will save you time, effort and stress.

E-mail us to receive all the details about the course!


The course is aimed at managers, entrepreneurs and professionals of any Organisation, in the private, public or non-profit sector, who want to learn about UNI PdR 125:2022 and understand the aspects of the Certification of Gender Equality..


L'course objective is to illustrate the Certification of Gender Equality, referred to by the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), recently introduced by the Reference Practice UNI/PdR 125/2022in order to develop and monitor a Gender Equality Management System within Organizations. 


The course will analyze the structure of UNI/PoR 125/2022: gender equality policies, planning, implementing and monitoring an Inclusive Management System, the performance indicators (KPI) adaptable to all types of companies, to measure, report, evaluate and improve gender data in Organizations.

There will also be an introduction to the standard ISO 30415:2021 Human resource management — Diversity and inclusion, directly connected to the Reference Practice through the topics covered.


Doc. Fabio La Porta: CEO and Member of the Steering Committee of Newcert Srl (since July 2022). UNI PoR 125:2022 expert and Lead Auditor for Quality and Safety and Environment Management Systems. Quality Manager on behalf of Accredited Bodies for Product Certification, Inspections and Personnel;

Doc. Marcella Chiesi: Labor sociologist and expert in the management and development of human resources and D&I Diversity and Inclusion, she boasts a long experience in the field of consultancy and training for private companies and trade union organizations. Founder of Studio DUO - Women and Men in Organizations;


Doc. Francesca Simone: Graduated in Business Economics at the University of Turin, she has gained experience over the years in the inclusion sector and in the application of UNI standards. It carries out support activities for certification bodies, in the implementation of UNI PdR 125 Management Systems for Accreditation purposes.


Dates: to be defined.

Duration: 8 hours - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: Zoom digital platform.


Standard fee - € 150.00 + VAT;

Fee reserved for those who also purchase Form B or Form C - € 450.00 + VAT (€ 100 discount);

Fee reserved for those who also purchase Form B + il Form C - € 750,00 + VAT (Sconto di € 200).

Newcert or ITC S.r.l. customers are entitled to an additional discount of € 50.00 on the above-mentioned fees.

Registration and Certificates

Fill out the form and send it to
Upon receipt of payment, the access credentials to the platform on which the course is delivered will be sent.


At the end of the course each participant will receive a certificate of attendance e, after passing a final exam, un profit certificate for registration in the register of valuers of the ITC body.

Participants who have attended the Form A + the Form B and passed a final exam, they will receive a certificate as Internal Auditor UNI/PdR 125/2022.


Participants who have attended the Form A + the Form and passed a final exam, they will receive a certificate as Systems Designer UNI/PdR 125/2022.

Participants who have attended the Form A + the Form B + the Form and passed a final exam, they will receive a certificate as Expert* of the UNI/PdR 125/2022.

The course will be activated with a minimum number of 6 participants.
In case of failure to activate the course, the amount will be fully refunded.

Payment methods

Payment must be made by bank transfer to the following IBAN IT19N0306905088100000004220

BENEFICIARY: Newcert S.r.l.

REASON FOR PAYMENT: "Gender Equality Management System pursuant to UNI/PdR 125/2022'."

Or PayPal by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below.

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Marcella Chiesi.JPG

Doc. Marcella Chiesi

Business Partner of Italian and foreign Accredited Certification Bodies.

Newcert is a partner of important training organisations to support organisations and individuals in the continuous improvement of professional competencies and skills.

Labor sociologisted expert in management and development of human resources, has a long experience in the field of advice And training For private companies And unions.

Founder of Studio DUO - Women and Men in Organizations.

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